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Our typical service supports those needing help planning a new kitchen.  For a fixed fee (that can be credited to a cabinetry purchase), we help you plan your budget, layout, finishes, and installation. The engagement starts with an interview.  If plans are not available, we will visit the site to take measurements. Respectful collaboration with your installer is part of the process.  The design is conveyed by best-in-class renderings (see below) that can be discussed face-to-face or from a distance.  The design is revised as needed to arrive at a final layout and cabinet configuration.  Should you find our cabinetry to be a good fit, your design fee is credited towards your purchase. 


We offer consulting to clients that have a more focused need than our Standard Design Service.  Do you have a concept you like and need help fleshing it out?  Are you spinning your wheels and need help overcoming a particular hurdle?  If so, Consulting is for you.  Like our Standard Design Service, our consulting fee can be credited towards a cabinetry purchase.


Express Design is for the client who needs less support than our Standard Design Service.  Typically, such clients are updating their cabinetry and do not need to explore options or see renderings.  They come to us because they are familiar with our products and need help confirming the details before placing their order. 


In response to client demand, we also offer Interior Design Services.  Our Interior Design Service picks up where the Standard Design Service leaves off to select specific finishes for anything you need.  Being tailored, our Interior Design services provide the support you need to perfect the details that matter most.   


We can work with your contractor or provide contracting services for any project scope.


Those who have a design and need help expressing it visually can take advantage of our rendering capability for a fixed fee.