Catherine Weiland, designer + principal of balance design studio

Before becoming a designer, my career was in marketing, consulting, and IT. Convinced that my future was in the business world, I completed my MBA with honors and was poised to continue my Boston commute and 60+ hour work week. Then children came along, and everything changed. Eating for two caused me to pay more attention to what was in my food which led to paying more attention to a lot of things.

At this same time, my mother passed away.  During my last visit with her, she said, “Remember, a home is meant to be lived in.” She was referring to my interior decorating obsession that was sure to collide with the messy business of raising kids.   All this set in motion a change towards a simpler life.  We opted out of the urban corporate scene in favor of renovating worn down properties to be home with our kids.  That is when I got hooked on shaping spaces in ways that made people happy and healthy.

Like me, the people who seek out balance design studio are on a journey.  Each of us is trying to live in a way that aligns with our values.  As our awareness of that grows, our journey evolves.  My job is to deliver the right blend of form, function, splurge, restraint, ideals, and practicalities that meets my clients where they are and supports them where they are going.  If I do this well, they feel as good about themselves as they do their space.  And that’s pretty awesome.

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