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It’s like she gets inside your head and is able to create exactly what you envisioned for the space. She is warm, kind, and wonderful to work with.

"Not only [is she] extremely talented, but also patient, respectful, funny and one of the nicest people we have met."

Finding someone who actually listens to what the client wants and then delivers is extremely rare...she blew us away...she nailed it!

"All the designers said the same things: You can't have an island, you should get white cabinets if you want your space to look bigger, you can't have seating in your kitchen. Catherine debunked all of those statements, pushed me to try new things, and made me fall in love with my house."

The renderings she did were incredible and allowed me (from 600 miles away) to picture exactly what she was proposing.

"Catherine is only describable as amazing...I'm a chef, and while it's not a profession anymore... my kitchen is where the love is in my home.  I always thought it was my dream to design my own kitchen... if you're thinking that, you should stop. Your dream will come to life if Catherine designs your kitchen, and honestly... it's going to be better than you thought it would be."

Catherine’s ability to communicate is outstanding. And her ability to design and present is nothing short of artistic.

"She has a commitment to environmental sustainability in her personal as well as professional life, which I really appreciate. Having said that, I think she is a very versatile designer who works with a wide variety of styles, budgets and philosophies."

Catherine’s specifications and plans were meticulous. Our contractor was impressed by her attention to detail.

"I told her we were embarking on a gut of our house and hadn't yet found the right kitchen designer. She started asking me questions that no other kitchen design place even thought to ask me. She really got to the heart of what I was trying to achieve with the look of my kitchen. She was so easy going, on target, and professional that I didn't have any hesitation working with her with the distance between us...Catherine is truly a gem."

I have been in the construction business for 30 years and live with not only scheduling and budgets every day, but quality as well. Catherine exceeded all expectations.
My husband often texts me to tell me how much he loves his new kitchen.

"Her recommendation for a modern 'pea green' accent wall in the living space is something I never would have dared, and a leap my husband never would have taken - not without her ability to communicate a clear vision. My husband is a PhD in electrical engineering and has asked every esthetic and technical question possible. There seems no question she can't answer, no design she can't breakdown and explain to it's finest detail. I feel very lucky to be working with her and hope to continue the collaboration for years to come." 

Catherine also has a great sense of humor which comes in very handy when you are freaking out about what handles to buy!

"Catherine was a joy to work with. Enthusiastic and very professional. I felt that my project was important to her during the whole process. I really liked her easy going manner but, most importantly, my husband who was reluctant to remodel the kitchen loved her!"

Catherine was a perfect match for us. She understood immediately our quirky taste, penchant for repurposing/recycling materials, and mixing with the new. She embraced it all enthusiastically and made OUR dream kitchen.

"She designed the most amazing space!  She listened to us and took everything we said into account. She never tried to force us to come around to her opinion." 

Her background in consulting is evident in her professionalism and ability to connect with clients.

"Catherine is a pleasure to work with. Not only is she a good designer, but she is good communicator--a skill which is so valuable during a project as intense as building your dream kitchen. She communicated very clearly what the design costs would and wouldn't include. She listened carefully (another great skill) and came up with several designs for me to consider. She is extremely knowledgeable about materials, especially environmentally friendly ones."

Her outstanding charm made what could have been a needlessly complex process a delight.

"Catherine is personable, pleasant, has taste (that you just cannot learn, you either have it or you do not), expertise (equally important) and she listens to you. She is capable of trying to envision your (!) vision, not the vision she would like to see." 

She did more than make us a wonderful kitchen. She created a place where our family convenes with such happiness.

"She was a pleasure to work with –professional, smart, responsive, sensitive to budget– and the result was a gorgeous and functional kitchen.  Catherine spent a lot of time getting to know us, our family, our house, and our aspirations for the remodel. She allayed our anxieties and throughout the project promptly and thoroughly answered hundreds of questions. Catherine did an amazing job." 

She said, ‘I don’t want you to like your new kitchen, I want you to LOVE it.’ And I do!

"Catherine was a wonderful listener and very thoughtful in her design so as to have our kitchen become a reflection of us and our lifestyle."

She is a wonderful person and designer.

"Always smiling and pleasant and forever the real pro in this job, we don't know what we would have done without her! Her advice, opinions and ideas were always spot-on. Today we have a beautiful and very functional kitchen because of her ability to see the possibilities, provide a layout that maximized space and conveniences, and turned out simply beautifully. We get so many compliments on the kitchen, especially from those who knew it in its old form. They can't believe that it's the same room with no major reconstruction. Catherine performed magic!"

The bonus was always Catherine’s eye for enhancing details combined with her practical good sense.

"I can't say enough positive things about Catherine. She designed our kitchen for a new construction home. She was able to give us advice and recommendations while at the same time making sure to listen to our vision for our new kitchen. She is knowledgeable, courteous, professional and has great attention to detail. The best thing of all is that our kitchen is exactly what we hoped for and looks beautiful!"

Catherine came up with a design that was actually under budget. The finished product exceeded our expectations.

"Excellent focus on customer needs. No ego. No rush. Catherine takes the time (and time again!) to understand your vision and to offer a variety of solutions from which you can choose. Endlessly patient and wonderfully creative, Catherine was a pleasure to work with."

She dialogued with the architect throughout the process to confirm that her designs were in-sync with the overall project.

"Balance Design Studio was the best decision we made...After seeing two other 'free' designs at local kitchen/cabinet companies, we felt we could not be comfortable [with what they offered]. Catherine listened...When she presented her design we were absolutely blown away. Not only by her design of our kitchen itself, but also by her skillset with the 3 dimensional computer design software. Every important detail my wife and I spoke of was represented in the design and not just thrown in to appease us, but creatively and artistically included."

Throughout the project, Catherine worked very well with both the architect and the builder and was also part of more technical discussions.

"Catherine is notable for her warm, interactive approach. She listens respectfully, and offers salient advice but is never pushy. I can speak to her technological sophistication about cabinetry and also her savvy with computer-based design software. She supplies lovely drawings of what a kitchen design layout will look like including 3D renderings as if you are looking at the room from different angles. Time spent with Catherine is not only worthwhile, but also enjoyable and fun."

I am a professor of architecture and consulted with Ms. Weiland on the remodeling of our own kitchen. She has a keen designer’s eye [and] made the process a wonderful and rewarding experience.